Author Olga GOA

May 30th, 2020

This week we our guest is Olga, author, creative genius, and fan of all things creative. Olga hails from Russia and we had an amazing time talking about her creativity, her writing, inspiration and more. Have a listen, leave a comment, like, and follow so you don't miss any upcoming episodes. 


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Author Jamie Schaefer

May 25th, 2020

Welcome to author Jamie Schaffer as she talks writing, publishing, and inspiration. Get to know some of the behind the scenes details an author works through on a day to day basis. 

Author and advocate Jason Shapiro

May 21st, 2020

Today we're chatting with Jason Shapiro, author and mental health advocate. His book, The Magic of Mayfair is available now on Amazon. This is a project very near and dear to his heart and one I'd recommend checking out. It highlights the story of a group of young boys who struggle with their own mental health issues, building connections, and living life to the fullest. Check it out here


All royalties from each copy sold the month of May, (Mental Health Month) will be going to Same Here Global to help generate conversations about mental health and to remove the stigma of it. 

How to Promote your Back Library

May 14th, 2020

The back library of any author is just as important as new releases. So how do we breath new life into their promotions? How do we get them before new readers? In today's episode, I'm offering five tips I'm working on to revive my back libraries under both of my author names. Among the tips, I'll give you some details on the why its important to know and compare your work with like titled/genred books. 

If you'd like to get a copy of the handout I've put together for this episode, you can simply go here to download it. Click on the file, make a copy in whatever name you desire, and customize it to suit your needs. 


The video to this podcast can be found here

Austrialian Historical Fiction Author, Jan Shelbourne

May 12th, 2020

Australian Historical Fiction author Jan Shelbourne joins us today to talk of her latest release Woman Behind the Mirror, inspiration, and what's next? Join us to learn more. 


When history whispers, I pass it on.
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Dee S Knight on writing, life, and what’s coming up

May 7th, 2020

Romance Author Dee S Knight is on the program today to talk about her latest book One Woman Only, the inspiration behind it, life, and more. Interested in getting a copy of her book, check it out on her website or she's on Amazon!

Dee S. Knight
Available now, Book 2 of the Good Man series, One Woman Only
An Awareness of Evil in Mystic Desire
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The Relevance of Having a Newsletter

May 6th, 2020

In today's fast paced world of book marketing, is the newsletter still relevant? In today's episode I talk about the relevance of having a newsletter as a key marketing tool. I talk briefly about content, as well as how to scheduling the newsletter. I also offer some tips on platforms which are available in both free and paid for services. 


Resources for Newsletters: 

If you use Google 



Constant Contact


Review of Salt and Stilettos by Janet Walden-West

May 2nd, 2020

Trading her red-dirt roots for the title of Miami’s go-to image consultant, Brett Fontaine refuses to let anything jeopardize her new life.

…Not an influential client-turned-stalker who’s up for parole…

…Not post-kidnapping panic attacks…

…And certainly not the stubborn, attention-phobic chef with the tempting tataus she’s been challenged to transform into a celeb in ninety days.

Will Te’o can almost taste the dream he sacrificed American Samoa, culture, and cherished family ties for—opening a four-star restaurant in the most cut-throat culinary location in North America.

Unfortunately, that requires navigating its equally ruthless social scene.

When his first public performance ends in a social media spectacle, his only option is turning to the stiletto-wearing nemesis who has invaded his kitchen.

Neither expected to share anything but barbs, yet somewhere between accidentally bonding over comfort food and office-wrecking sex, they’re named South Beach’s hottest pairing!

Until Brett’s stalker engineers an image-shattering reveal and the fallout trashes her reputation. She may be going down, but she’s not taking Will’s dreams with her.

Now Will is pulling out all his new skills and cooking up a last-ditch event. Will it prove to Brett that relying on the right person makes for the perfect recipe? Or will he be left heartbroken in the spotlight?


Today we’re speaking with author Julie Thomas

April 28th, 2020

Welcome to today's episode, and thank you to Julie Thomas, who took the time out today to speak with us. She's also sponsored today's episode. You can find her online on Amazon. Today she's speaking about her novel, The Women who Answered God's Call, a non-fiction book about the power of women, about God, and moving His Kingdom forward. 




A chat with Author Ruthie Marlenee

April 26th, 2020

Join me today as we talk about The Curse of the Ninth, written by author Ruthie Marlenee. We'll discuss what she's currently working on, the inspiration behind her novel Curse of the Ninth. 



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